Antique Chinese bow Qing

chinese bow and arrows

An antique Chinese bow from the 19th century of manchu style. Still strung with its original silk cord bowstring,  retaining two original arrows. Chinese compound bows  such as this were made for military use and carefully constructed with techniques. This has been  going back hundreds of years. The black horn tip of this example is carved with a makers signature to denote the quality of the workmanship.

The siyahs or bow tips are covered with white rayskin. The front of the bow arms with strips of coloured bark, the back of the arms are broad strips of black horn, Between the inner and outer face is a sinew core which gives the bow its powerful elastic pull. the grip is wrapped with cork. The two arrows which accompany it are good examples. One has damage where the tip beneath the head is split with a little broken off, and one part of the nock missing. Both arrows retain most of their flight feathers.

The bow itself is in reasonable condition. one bone string rest is lacking, and some loss to the bark outer covering in places, and general age wear to parts. This bow was brought back as booty from Beijing by a German soldier (the great grandfather of the previous owner ) fighting in the Boxer Rebellion during the 1900/1901 period.