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Antique Tabar Axe from Persia Central Asia Samarkand with silver mounts and Chinese Jade archers ring 18th century

persian axe

A fine and interesting antique Persian Tabar or ‘Tabarzin’.  From Central Asia, khazakstan, Samarkand region. This piece is significant in its weight and size, the steel axehead itself is deeply decorated in relief with scenes of a mounted warrior amongst animals and trees, presumably made from wootz steel. The mounting of the axe is most unusual, below the head is a fine quality Chinese archers ring of Jade, which appears to be early Qing Dynasty in date. The top and bottom shaft mounts are of thick silver, exquisitely chiselled with geometric borders and flowers, suggesting a Central Asian Uzbek or Bukharan origin. The shaft itself is unusually carved in a  series of spirals which adds a most dramatic appearance to the piece.

antique tabar axe

antique tabar axe from persia bukhara