Set of Persian Armour with Devils head Helmet and Shield

 A really magnificent set of Persian armour, comprising of a chiselled steel helmet Khula Khud with a very rare design featuring a devils head surmounted on the actual crown of the helmet, the helmet itself also featuring eyes and applied steel horns. The decoration chiselled deeply all over the helmet bowl and decorated with gold damascened details. Around the border are panels of calligraphy in Farsi script, highlighted with silver. The mail protective neckguard in good condition, age patina allover. The steel domed shield ensuite with a Deity face centrally embellished with gold and chiselled details, radiating golden sun rays with chiselled panels, the border again decorated with calligraphy filled panels, and a brass edging. The reverse of the shield with remains of black leather and a most unusual handle arrangement of one padded handgrip. Qajar period late 18th/early 19th century.