Rare full length Algerian Flyssa sword with scabbard

 A rare full length Flyssa sword from Algeria, North Africa. These enormous swords are peculiar to Algeria. Overall the sword is 112 cms, and the blade is almost 1 metre long in itself. Full size examples like this are very hard to source, and this is also conplete with its original scabbard. The sword is single edged, flared 3/4 down the blade and then tapering to an almost needle like tip. Inlaid with brass and decorated with designs on both sides and along the thickened spine. The hilt of curious but typical form, engraved chiselled and covered with brass panels. The scabbard similarly carved for its full length, banded with copper punched with geometric designs.Two integral wooden loops to the front for hanging from a strap presumably. This would appear to be a 19th century example. Good, heavy and fascintating piece.

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