Rare Antique 'Opi' sword from Timor - Fine antique oriental arms and armour swords and weapons

Rare Antique 'Opi' sword from Timor

 A rare 'Opi' sword from Timor. This form of sword is an ancient indonesian type, and genuinely antique examples are hard to find. The blade on this example is unusually fine, pattern welded with bands of lamellar steels which have been etched to bring out the decorative pamor. Blades of this kind can be found on higher quality swords throughout the Indonesian archipelago from Sumatra, Celebes, Borneo and the lesser islands such as Flores and Solor, it is likely they were traded and originate from one centre of manufacture excelling in fine steel forging. The hilt is carved from horn with the typical angled pommel inlaid with tufted hair. As these swords were often stored in important and sacred village houses often wrapped in bundled fabric, they were frequently accessible to rats! this piece has some rat gnaw marks to the handle extremities. The wooden scabbard carved with designs to the top, centre and bottom. A scarce Indonesian weapon. 34 inches long overall, Circa 1900.    indonesian, southern asian, keris, kris blade sumba, sumbawa belida