16 flanged steel mace head

Polish Budzogan Flanged War Mace with concealed spike 16th Century

Rare Polish Budzogan flanged steel mace. Extensively used during the 16th and early 17th centuries and following a much older design harking back to the Mongols and oriental clubs and maces. Perfectly weighted and balanced for impact and delivering a compact blow to the enemy. The steel head is set with 16 individual shaped flanges set into facetted collars, the wop set with a screwed in lobed washer and a bud. The steel shaft is tubular, halfway down there is a collar of copper possibly once set with stones or precious inlay. Long wooden cylindrical grip with a hole for a wrist-strap lanyard. Most unsually the grip can be unscrewed and a long stout four-sided spike can be withdrawn for delivering a close quarter blow, making this a most unique example. In good condition with some old pitting and wear to the metal surfaces.

Ref: bud1