Moroccan Kabyle Snaphaunce musket with silver niello and inlaid stones circa 1850

Moroccan Taouzilt Snaphaunce musket with silver niello and inlaid stones circa 1850

 An attractive antique North African musket TAOUZILT from the people of the Souss valley in Morocco. The stock and butt decorated with engraved decorated silver and steel pins, the silver panel to the butt pierced and inlaid with further designs in black niello. The large steel firing mechanism of the snaphaunce variety of flintlock favoured in islamic north Africa, and harks back to earlier models of western guns used by the Spanish amongst others. The mechanism on this gun is all present but is rather loose and no longer is useable. Inlaid into two panels on the other side, and one to the underside where the trigger-guard resides are two red and one blue stone or glass decorative inlay. The  silverwork was famous for its colourful use of enamels and glass/stone applique. The good long steel barrel has three makers stamps to the breech, the entire length is banded with cappucines of silver again chiselled and engraved with decoration, and alternately inlaid with niello. There is age wear to most parts and some loss of wood around the firing mechanism which has some old repair.  Dating to the second half of the 19th century. middle east, nimcha, islamic, rifle, longarm

Ref: repkabyle