Moro Kampilan sword with original scabbard

 A good 19th century Moro War sword Kampilan from Mindanao in the Southern Philippines. These long klewang swords were eclusively for war at this point, this example has much age and history. The long steel blade is plain but still razor sharp to the front and half of the back edge. a small nick shows where it was once hit by the edge of another blade on the reverse edge. The hilt is beautifully carved with an eye to each side applied with dark patinated bronze discs, the very bottom of the jaw chipped off while the sword was in use, dark patina covers this part. The scabbard is original and rarely found, carved with a small mihrab at the forte, the bottom tip pinned together, the rest of the sheath is left open as the style was for the scabbard to be cast aside quickly when the sword was needed. On each side of the handguard there are iron shaped guards applied. A lovely  sword circa 1880

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