decorated brass guards and grip of the sword

Large Tuareg Style Hausa or Nupe Takouba sword from Nigeria

A very nice quality Takouba sword probably Nupe or Hausa tribe and originating from Northern Nigeria. These swords were traditionally used by the Tuareg nomads of Algeria and the Sub Saharan region, but were adopted by surrounding tribes during the 19th century and later. This example has a very broad steel blade sometimes assumed to be a sign of status, the upper section of the sword is mounted with large brass plates beautifully engraved with designs. The hilt is faced with brass throughout, rectangular plates to the guard feature tradtional Nupe engravings, the hilt grip itself is most unusually also decorated in this fashion. The pommel features a stacked design with layers of brass and copper decoratively shaped. Complete with its original leather decorated scabbard with hanging bands, iron decorated upper chape and green applied pierced leather panels, the chape missing. A very nice example seldom encountered, in good condition, dating to the later 19th century. african