Large bladed Zulu spear from the 19th century 'assegai' or 'Iklwa'

A good example of the typical Zulu Nguni spear used in close quarter warfare, 'Iklwa' more commonly called the assegai. Short shafted wooden spear with a flared butt, fitted with a very long tapering steel blade of flattened diamond section. The head is mounted to the shaft by way of a shrunken leather tail section from a cow or calf, ensuring no weak seam, and a very strong construction. This is clearly a very old example, 19th century, old age patination, the steel head is darkened and roughened from age, no damage is visible at any part..  these spears were typical of the weapon used by the Zulus during the Anglo Zulu wars of the late 19th century. Length 125 cms, the blade 45 cms.