hanging mount detail and filigree silver decoration on locket sword mount

Kurdish Or Turkish Shamshir sword with silver mount

An interesting antique shamshir sword most likely of Kurdish/Iraq or Northern Turkish origin. The long deeply curved steel blade shows a distinct watered or damascus pattern to the surface. The hilt with a large bronze or brass guard with elongated quillons, the grip of unusual carved black wood or horn decorated with a series of raised silver 'boss' features. The lower grip is bound with fabric which has been woven geometrically with metallic gold thread. The scabbard with a large upper mount of silver, having raised filigree silver  panels and a split back edge to allow the deeply curved blade to be withdrawn easily. The rest of the scabbard covered with thick black hide, sewn to the reverse, two finely made iron hanging mounts perhaps with silver decoration, and a very long steel protective chape finely engraved with geometric patterning, this chape covers 1/3 to 1/2 of the scabbard length! The whole sheath is covered with a wonderful dark uncleaned age patination throughout which also covers most of the silver uppermount apart from the raised detailing. Age wear and minor bumps dents etc throughout commensurate with age, dating to the late 18th or eartly 19th century.

Ref: rf647