Indo Persian Wootz steel Tiger Tooth Khanjar

A fine 19th century North Indian dagger  known as a 'tiger tooth' khanjar due to its highly curved canine tooth shape. The blade is of fine wootz damascuc steel with a visible crystalline pattern to areas, the blade if chiselled with ridges and the edges chamfered, the tip gretly thickened for strength ( wear to the very tip). The hilt with two slabs of ivory with nice deep coloration, the hilt furniture fully damascened in gold with patterns of flowers and tendrils. The pommel of the dagger is shaped with a trilobed finial in the mughal style. This dagger also has its sheath which has some damage to the tip, upper and the seam.  A very nice and collectible dagger with only minor wear to the goldwork.  Overall length 12.5 inches. Circa 1820. indo persian