Indian Sossun Pattah Sword with Gold Damasce

Indian Sossun Pattah Sword with Gold Damascened decoration and Damascus blade

 A very nice example of a rare Indian Sossun Pattah sword, typically having a forward leaning 'yatagan' type blade. This sword has a variation with a recurved blade having the tip sharpened on the back edge as well. The steel blade is of fine quality damascus crystalline wootz, mounted with reinforced steel straps to the back and front sides of the upper blade area, richly damascened with gold koftgar. The hilt of steel with applied gold decoration, the handguard and knuckleguard exquisitely pierced and shaped along the borders, the swollen handgrip retaining some original green velvet. The pommel with a ridged dome surmounted by a turned stalk finial. A stunning and very rare weapon for the Indian sword collector, good overall condition, there is a repair across the blade near the top, please enquire for further pictures if required. A very hard to find piece in this condition, dating to the early 19th century, probably North India.  indo persia zulfiqar shamshir tulwar sword sabre scimitar

Ref: 1003