Fine Turkish/Persian Flanged Mace with gold damascening

A most attractive and rare Turkish flanged Mace weapon. This form of flanged or 'winged' mace was used throughout the western and eastern worlds, this form was particularly popular in Eastern Europe - Poland, and Hungary, and was also used through Turkey and the Ottoman Empire as far as Western Persia and even Central Asia, Bukhara. The steel head is mounted with six sturdy steel blades, the entire head, and iron grip section damascened throughout with gold decoration and various repeating motifs. The centre section of the mace handle is covered with silk velvet with one strip of gold decorated steel to one side with silver studs. The very end of the handle grip with a thick iron ring for hanging from a saddle. This mace is shown en suite with a similarly decorated Turkish Tabarzin axe. Early 19th century. Middle east