Fine quality All Steel Scottish Highland Flintlock Ramshorn pistol

 A superb quality Scottish Highland Flintock Belt pistol dating circa 1750. A wonderful high quality example wholly decorated with engraved scrollwork, and piercing. Multistage barrel ornately decorated, complete with its steel ramrod twisted at the end.  the grip and underside inlaid with silver scrolls and bands, silver escutcheon plate to one side of grip, the other missing.  The trigger and prickguard between the scrolled ramshorn pommel of silver.  Finely decorated and chiselled/pierced belt hook to the side. The lockplate unengraved, the high quality work of this pistol makes it likely it is by one of the famous manufacturers Murdoch, Campbell etc and it was not so unusual to leave a lockplate unsigned. The quality of this work speaks for itself.  Scottish pistols were made from all steel for practicality. Attched painting from the mid 18th century shows a Highland Officer with a similar pistol under his coat. An item rarely offered by Ashoka Arts.