Chisellled silver deity on a sri lankan kastane sword

Fabulous Silver Ornate Kastane sword from Sri Lanka

 A fabulous example of an antique Kastane sword from Sri Lanka/Ceylon.  This fine sword dates to the 18th century, a period in which the Kandyan rulers of the island were under pressure from the British and French Imperialism for occupation, having previously repelled Dutch settlement in the 17th century. The Kandyan wars of the early 19th century saw the British take control of the area after their successes in South India and Pondicherry. The kastane sword was worn among higher ranks as a status symbol as well as a fighting accessory, the form was clearly present in the early 17th century and probably earlier and can be seen as influencing Dutch and colonial sword forms at this date. This example is in wonderful condition with extremely high quality chiselled and engraved silverwork throughout. The blade is thick and robust and clearly was a practical weapon as well as worn as a status piece and here presented as a true work of art. The pommel features a large Makarra head complete with bared teeth and scrolling elaborate crest, the handguard features a garuda eagle face, and a small Hindu female deity is evident amongst the scrolling and intricate detailing of the handle. The overall length in the scabbard is over 28 inches.   indo persian