Early Turkish Flintlock Musket longgun with mother of pearl and Damascus-twist barrel

Early Turkish Flintlock Musket longgun with Mother of Pearl Inlay and Damascus-twist barrel

 An early Turkish musket or rifle. The stock inlaid with Mother of pearl shell plaques with engraved designs on them, and studded with brass pins. This is likely to be an early gun which originally had a matchlock or miquelet lock mechanism, this has been upgraded in the 19th century to the more popular and fashionable western style flintlock firing mech. Similarly the trigger which would have been in the shape of a ball in the Tukish fashion has been changed to a western one. The The long barrel is of fine quality damascus-twist, the pattern can be seen strongly in some areas, overall there is dark age patination. The barrel is held to the wooden stock with two silver repousse barrel cappucines, one old replaced steel one. The forte and the end are inlaid with silver, the breech has a raised domed sight in the turkish manner, with a foresight of brass. The underside of the stock has a small area inlaid with some chevrons in shell and ebony, some are missing. A nice antique gun, with some interesting 19th century modifications, some losses and wear overall. 63 inches long overall.   middle east, ottoman turkey, balkans, greece greek

Ref: lawrturkgun