Early Indian Helmet Mail and Plate Deccan

 An early Indian Steel mail and plate helmet, probably from the Deccan region of the south. The bowl formed from elongated triangular plates of hammered steel joined by rivetted mail converging towards the crown, which is surmounted by a circular disc with a central plume holder. The front of the helmet has two fitted further plume holders, the sides with extra plate protection and also at the reverse. The raised detail on these protective earguards is reminiscent on other early helmets  from India, Turkey and Eastern europe of the 16th century so it seems likely that this helmet is also of this date circa 1550. Indeed the raised areas have been worn through to most in years of cleaning and polishing testament to the great age. There is wear to the linear decoration at the edge of the plates, and some reinforcment repairs of original age, some missing links, and wear to raised parts. A rare survivor from the Mughal period.