British military Cavalry lance 1868 pattern -   fine antique arms and armour swords and weapons

British military Cavalry lance 1868 pattern

 British military Cavalry lance 1868 pattern  - original authentic lance as used throughout the 19th century by the Victorians throughout the British Empire. Used noteably during the Zulu wars and in insurrections in India. Special lancer cavalry units were highly trained in using the lance which was used up to and including the first world war. Unlike preceeding and the later 1898 lance pattern, this version used a strong male bamboo shaft, the triangular section head has three blade edges for maximum penetration, the shoe or butt is shaped to fit into a special carrying harness on the horse saddle. This example still retains a long leather sleeve or protector which was used as well as a handgrip to protect the shaft from the damage from the carbine butt when slung on the saddle, these  rarely survive, and a leather strap loop halfway along it. The steel head and show are lightly pitted to the surface and show a dark but pleasing age patination, the bamboo is dark and uncleaned and overall this lance has lots of original character. There is a small but visible British ordnance stamp, the broad arrow, on the butt as well as some lettering which is obscured by the patina. Approximately 9 ft in length. A wonderful and rare relic of the British cavalry during the 19th century. european, lance spear, british raj, zulu wars, cavalry charge,