antique kastane sri lankan sword

Antique Sri Lankan Kastane Sword

A beautiful antique Singhalese sword 'Kastane'. The hilt finely carved of horn possibly Asian Rhino as a stylised lion or monster with the head forming the pommel, intricately chiselled bronze crest, curled mane bronze inlaid jaws and tongue, the grip inlaid with silver and the guards forming further dragons heads inlaid with silver and bronze. The blade of substantial weight, thick at the forte and chiselled and inlaid with panels of engraved brass, very fine work throughout. This type of sword can have considerable age and it is likely this piece is 18th century at the latest possible much older. Good aged patina throughout, wear commensurate with age and loss of silver applique to areas of the hilt. Sri lanka, 27.5 inches overall. Indo-Persia

Ref: 1023