19th Century Zulu War shield Isihlangu full size

 A rare Zulu War shield Isihlangu. This full size shield is typical of those used by warriors in the second half of the 19th century, including the Anglo-Zulu wars. The cow hide retaining most of its black/dark brown fur indicitive of it's use in the younger warriors regiment, white inserts down the centre. Retaining its original wooden strengthening stick sharpened at the base, originally the top would have been wrapped with leopard or similar fur. One of the largest shields Ashoka Arts has seen. A very similar shield in temrs of dimensions and construction is housed at the Royal Army Museum, it was collected from the battlefield of Ulundi in the late 1870's, it is more than likely this shield was also a participant in those conflicts. total length with stick 67 inches, shield 54 inches.