Unusual Indian Silver-Gilt Bowie knife from Kutch

Indian Silver-Gilt Bowie knife from Kutch

A most unusual and attractive Indian knife in the European Bowie style, having a large steel blade with a 'clipped' tip and  sharpened back edge. The blade has a nicely executed decoration to both sides of scrolls, and it appears to have a hardened or differentiated edge. The hilt features a copper-gilt handguard with small lion/animal finials, and the grip is lavishly decorated with thick silver-gilt finely engraved with scrolls and foliage amongst which there are animals - dogs and deer, hunting scenes. The pommel decorated in high relief with what appears to be an elephant embroiled in conflict with a leopard. Gold remains in the recesses of the design. Overall in good condition, and a most interesting oriental/ indo-persian knife. Circa 1850. The style of the decoration is very similar to that found on the Bhuj Axes and weapons originating from the Kutch region of North-West India.