Two Sudanese Kaskara swords with Arabic Calligraphy - Fine antique oriental arms and armour swords and weapons

Two Sudanese Kaskara swords with Arabic Calligraphy

 Two good 19th century Sudanese swords known as 'kaskara'. Used throughout the Sudan and Islamic East Africa, most noteably within the Mahdiyya of Muhammad Ahmad bin Abd Allah and othe Mahdist movements in the 19th century. Both of these swords are of good early date. The hilts of 'crusader' style with cruciform steel crossguards, and the grips and disc pommels bound with leather. The blades long, double edged of good steel, one with long etched inscriptions of arabic calligraphy, decoration and a stylised snake motif to the blade tip, the other with two deeply struck 'moon' makers marks to the blade centre. Good condition, old patination, scabbards lacking.  islamic north africa, ethiopian weapons, hadendoa, takouba,  rhino hide rhino horn, shotel gurade. middle east