Two Indian Swords Kirach and Tulwar - Fine antique oriental arms and armour from

Two Indian Swords Kirach and Tulwar

 Two interesting Indian swords. One of rare kirach form, the blade leaning forward gently and with the black edge sharpened at the front, made of magnificent quality Pattern-welded damascus steel, one of the best we have seen for a long time. The blade is thick and exceptionally solid and a wonderful piece of craftsmanship. The hilt of tulwar form of chiselled steel. The other sword again with a very good quality blade, high quality steel with very good flex and strength probably again Pattern-welded steel, the forte chiselled with a motif and retaining some brass or gold inlay. The steel of chiselled steel. Two interesting pieces from a larger European collection. Both circa 1800 probably 18th century.  indo persian, wootz steel, sossun patah pattah

Ref: laukirash1