Two 19th century British Military Lance Heads marked SW Silver and Co Cornhill London

Two 19th century Military Lance Heads marked SW Silver and Co Cornhill London. One with flat leaf shaped blade, the other four bladed example, both in fabulous condition, thick very robust pieces for military use.  Sw Silver and Co. were mainly active in the mid 19th century between 1840 and 1860 and appear to have produced manywideranging different types of equipment, also serving as outfitters and contractors to military and naval personel, mainly of the Officer class. As well as having a store in both London and Liverpool, S.W, Silver and Co. like many other suppliers of the periods produced brochures of their products, lanceheads such as these could be selected from a range of sizes and designs based on the personal choice of the buyer. The quadrilateral head seen here evolved into the standard issue British Military lancehead, it is likely these two lanceheads are pre-1868 in date.   european