Turkish Ottoman silver-mounted shamshir sword

 An attractive Ottoman shamshir sword, of classic form. deeply curved cutting steel blade with a sharpened outer edge. The hilt is fashioned from exotic horn which was reserved for the better swords commissioned, with gilt?silver mounts to the hilt and scabbard all beautifully engraved with flowers and intricate motifs. There is a repair to one end of a quilon which appears to be contemporary to the sword.The back edge of the scabbard chape seems to be struck with a deep mark probably the makers signature. The black hide mid centre section of the sheath is embossed and tooled, with the reverse joined with wide bands of extremely fine woven silver thread. The back part of the scabbard locket or mouth features a panel or flap of gilt- silver which allows for the curvature of the blade to be drawn but yet fills in the open upper section of the scabbard when sheathed. The blade is good steel, there is no obvious watering to the eye, but it is likely this is a good quality damascus blade judging by the quality of the sword overall. Dating to the early 19th century. 

middle eastern