Small group of Central Asian or Mongolian arrows

Small group of Central Indian arrows from Kol or Chota Nagpur

 An interesting group of four arrows probably from one of the central Indian tribal groups around Chota Nagpur. Each arrow has a different type of head, all of which seem to be of the type for warfare or hunting, one with a long piercing point, another with a broader slicing type of rounded point with a reinforced tip, another with an elongated unusually shaped steel head pierced twice with a triangular point, the last with a four sided-'bodkin' piercing tip with a longer area behind which was probably for tying a burning cord - a 'fire-arrow'. The shafts are of cane bound with sinew and coloured red thread. Each is fletched with four sections of feather, the nocks are unusually made by tying two separate bits of wood to sit each side of the bow-string. Approximately 32.5 inches long. Good condition, one nock missing a piece on one.   bullova, nilgiri hills , khond, gond, far east indo persian recurved bow

Ref: tricearrows