Singhalese Kastane sword

 A good quality early sword from Sri Lanka known as a Kastane. This example of rare because of its handle made from Ivory, usually horn or wood were used. The carving is very fine and in good condition with defined scrollwork of the liions mane and teeth prominent. The guard is made of steel with smaller dragon forms  inlaid with brass and silver, and panels of engraving. The inner face of the handguard features a large finely engraved panel of brass not visible on the pictures. The blade is of thick heavy steel, this cutlass form of sword was adopted from the Singhalese by Westerners, and were used at an early date by Naval and other seafaring types. Dating this sword is hard but it could be 18th century or earlier. The grip is in good condition with some neglible minor losses and age cracking, all solid and firm as a unit. 

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