Scarce Eastern Tibetan Dagger or Dirk |   Fine antique oriental arms and armour swords and weapons from ashoka arts

Scarce Eastern Tibetan Dagger or Dirk

An interesting shortsword or dirk-like dagger from Eastern Tibet. The style related to that found on the longTibetan broadsword Khe-tri, with a facetted steel pommel and circular disc guard to the hilt. The grip covered with white shagreen rayskin. The sheath with an iron frame mounted with brass collars and plates with chiselled and pierced decoration, over a shagreen and unusual snakeskin covering. The chape is decorated with several layers of different metal, brass and coppers, in a style which has been suggested as very early by Don Larocca comparable to 15th c sheaths in the Met. Museum. The blade made of the fine quality laminated steels typical of the good fighting blades used by Tibetan warriors prior to the 19th century. Good overall condition, age wear, some old repairs. 19 inches overall. ke-tri, far east