Rare Philippine Revolution or Republic knife with silver mounts

A most interesting Philippine dagger from the Katipunan movement / 1st Republic of the Philippines late 19th century. This piece would have been a high ranking members or officials piece, silver mounts throughout, the hilt of carved black horn, and an elaborate pierced silver crossguard. The blade of most unusual triangular three sided form with a series of ribbed grooves to the top front side. The triangular shape had meaningful resonance throught the Katipunan or 'KKK'  revolutionary society, the triangular symbol was used as its main motif and can be seen on this piece engraved to the front of the silver locket, along with three stars to each corner and a central sun-face. Here additionally there are two crossed bayonet-mounted rifles, and also the personalised initials D.M.The sheath is made of a wonderful streaked black and brown wood clearly deliberately chosen for its contrasting line patterns to the front. A small silver chape protects the bottom of the blade. The Katipunan society was a secret organisation formed in 1892, becoming quickly a focus for Philippine discontent against Spanish rule, and by the time it was widely known about was, with its motto 'Kalayaan (Freedom),  a major force in precipitating the Philippine Revolution. Very good condition, length approximately 19 inches long with a 12 inch blade.