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Rare Gran Chaco Horse Jawbone Axe from Patagonia South America

 A fabulous and rare Axe or Club from Gran Chaco, Patagonia, South America. The Gran Chaco plateau overlaps several countries borders including Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay, these axes made from the jawbone of a horse are typically robust and intruiging weapons used by the natives of the region. The head made from one large section of horse jawbone, some teeth still present to the bottom, bound with sinew, hide and cord, the wooden shaft handle wrapped with a yellow snakeskin, and leather thong. Although axe shaped the blade face is actually not so sharp and it is assumed the weapons would have been used more as a club or mace. A very similar Chaco Axe again with a jawbone as a blade was published in the James Hooper collection "Art and Artefacts of the Pacific, African and the Americas", number 1725 published in 1976. Surviving in wonderful condition, and dating to the 19th century. americas, amazon, patagonia, tiera del fuego, pampas, gaucho, plains, bone axe