antique naga dao axe sword

Two unusual Naga War Axes

Two examples of a very rare form of antique Naga Dao axe. The blades of extraordinary shape, of robust steel having sharpened inner edges. The more slender example with three holes pierced to the reverse. The hilts built around the iron tang which protrudes through to form a spike at the base. The grips of wood bound with coarse hard twine or fibre, one having some cord binding holding red white and black fabric decoration, and some yellow orchid stem bindings. This form is one of the rarest types, and we are unaware of a private or public collection that holds one. A similar piece is pictured as a line illustration in the Handbook to the British Museum 1925, that example lacking the curious spikes to the base as these pieces have. 31 inches approximately, 19th century. Both of these examples come from a private UK collection which was assembled in the early 1960's. Southern Asia burma