Persian Suite of Armour Dhal shield Khula Khud helmet and Bazu Band armguard 19th century

A 19th century set of armour from Persia, Qajar Period, comprising of a Dhal (shield), Khula Khud (helmet), and BazuBand ( armguard). Armour suites in Iran were traditionally composed of these three pieces, one armguard only being necessary as the other arm would be protected by the shield. Crafted from thick brass, all three pieces are beautifully chiselled and engraved by hand with panels and scenes of men in battle and hunting, wild animals, and foliage with cartouches of Farsi Arabic calligraphy. All three retain their original fabric linings. The shield features four central bosses, highly domed central section, with pierced panels behind which are silver coloured metal to create reflective areas, this feature is also present on the helmet and armguard. The helmet mail requires some restoration as it is loosely hanging in some places, however the patterned brass and steel mail is largely all present. The nasal bar and one of the plume holders are also missing. The BazuBand retains its original leather handguard, backed with steel and brass patterned mail, and side plates, with buckles for arm attachment. indo persian