Massive Silver Thai sword two handed sabre Dha

 An unusual and extremely large Thai sword with a most unusual pommel shape. The extreme length of this sword and size of the hilt seems to make this a two handed weapon. The entire grip which is 42 cms in length is made of silver with bands of filigree ornamentation. The pommel of unusual form dropping to the bottom and chiselled with scrolling detail, likewise the lower hilt decorated with the same scrollwork and flaring slightly to a dished lobed silver handguard. Long gently curving steel blade with some light engraved decoration to the tip and forte and a fuller to decrease weight and increase rigidity for its length. This sword comes complete with its original wooden scabbard, originally it would have had silver bands, these have been lost but their positioning can still be seen as marks on the wood.19th century. Blade length 80 cms, overall length 121 cms.

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