Massive! Indian Gond Axe or Polearm

Massive! Indian Khond Axe or Polearm

 The size of this axe makes this piece rather special, please note the dimensions at the end of the description. Khond axes typically feature blades and heads of varying shape, unusual variations include spiked points sometimes even four , the standard shape is a 'moustache' type outline. They are usually known among collectors and dealers as Bullova axes, they originate from several warlike tribal groups in Central/Eastern India from the Chota Nagpur plateau, foremost among these being the Khonds of Orissa. This example of 'bullova' axe although plain in decoration, is clearly a showpiece in terms of almost scythe-like size and must surely have been used by a noted warrior or perhaps for some sacrificial purpose, as the text from 'Indian and Oriental Arms and Armour' by Lord Egerton of Tatton illustrates. The wooden haft is original and has a good old patina. Just under 54 inches overall, the blade spans 30 inches! indo persian rajput tulwar

Ref: khondaxe4