Lovely 19th century Bronze Cannon Lankata from Brunei Malaysia

A very nice antique 19th century boat cannon from Malaysia 'Lankata' Used around Northern Borneo 'Brunei' and the Southern Philippines, these cannons cast of solid bronze were made in many sizes and were ususally fitted around the gunwhales of boats, junks and ships for protection against pirates and raiders, notorious for their presence around the South China Sea. This example has a lovely deep patina from years of handling and weathering, the barrel and butt cast with raised flora strips and designs, the butt with a hollow cast socket for the addition of a tiller handle. The touchhole at the top of the breech shows surrounded by a patina of green caused by the corrosive effects of the gunpowder charges, which adds to the items history and appearance. The cannon is mounted on it's moving cast swivel, the intention being to make these smaller guns quickly moveable around the ships side to prepared holes in the gunwhales/gunridge.   far east, southern asia, mandau, sultan of brunei, dyak cannon, illanun, ilanun, moro pirates, charles brooke