Indo Persian Kaman bow 18th early 19th century with lacquered designs

A very nice example of a reurved 'compound' or 'composite' bow of North Indian/ Indo Persian origin. The wonderful linear curved shapes formed by the bow limbs are created using several layers of wood, horn and sinew which combine to form a bow with incredibly powerful tensile strength. The surfaces of this bow are carefully laquered allover with designs in various colours, with floral motifs and finely painted scrollwork in gold to the handle section and nock 'arms'. This bow survives in wonderful complete good condition, the nocks are both present, frequently broken off and the bow itself is strong and stable. Survivals of these bows are few and even less with so much original decoration remaining. Use of the bow throughout its lifetime meant that flexing the bow caused deterioration rapidly. This is a large example, and probably would have been used from horseback in the eastern tradition.  indo persian