broad finger guard for hand protection

Indian Firangi sword

 A nice early Indian sword of baskethilt type, known generally and called locally a 'Firangi' meaning foreign. This meaning originates both in terms of the style of the sword usually straight bladed broadsword types, and because they were usually fitted with European made or european style blades. The blade on this example if very gently curved with three fullers, and has several markings to one side suggesting that it is certainly of Euopean manufacture, most probably Genoa in North Italy. The blade is single edged, slightly flexible and has a thickened edge, a powerful and sharp blade with long reach. The hilt is of chiselled steel, a broad handguard to protect the fingers, the base of this chiselled with two birds often found on Southern Indian weapons and iconography. The whole hilt originall gold plated of which good traces still remain. The grip is leather bound, the pommel wide and sihed with a central long pommel spike for two handed use when required. A very nice example dating to the 16th/17th century.