finial to the handguard with monster

Early hooded punch dagger Katar from Vijayanagar Empire Southern India circa 1650

An early Katar /Punch-Dagger weapon from Vijayanagar, South India. This all steel weapon follows the traditional form of the Indian Katar with its two side bars and parallel grips with a forward pointing blade, typical of the katars from this region and period is the large protective steel handguard, reinforced with edge mounts the flowing shape ending with a small monster head finial. The grips are again typical of this form their centres having balls which give the hand good purchase. The blade shows the complex fullering which forms an attractive pattern. The great age (17th century) of this dagger can be seen from the patination under the handguard which has never been cleaned. Similar daggers can be seen in sculpture at Hampi and other centres around the region of Karnataka. The form is discussed in greater detail in Robert Elgoods book 'Hindu Arms and Ritual, Arms and Armour from India 1400-1865'.   indo-persian