raised ridge to protect the wrist area

Deccan Patah Gauntlet Sword with Chiselled Steel Hilt and European blade

A very attractive early sword from the Deccan region of Southern India 'Patah' or gauntlet sword. Known as a horsemans sword this unusual form of sabre featured a large handguard or 'gauntlet' of steel which protected the entire lower arm entirely. The hilt on this example is most attractively chiselled with designs of scrollwork and with geometric and beaded borders, the intricate decoration covering much of the whole surface. The lower sectoin with two projecting steel plates which hold the european multi-fullered steel blade firmly with rivets. The reverse of the hilt allows the lower arms to be inserted into the guard, the grip formed of a bar across the hand region and the upper arm held firm by a looped moveable bar to the top of the sword. The sword retains a wonderful untouched patina inside and out, the steel double edged blade in good condition.44 inches overall.  Dating to the early 18th century. indo persian