Central Indian Gond Beaked War axe 'Zaghnal'

A very unusual and rare Crow-beaked axe or war pick from The Gond peoples of Central India, sometimes known as a zaghnol or zaghnal. Bullova axes from this region of Chota Nagpur often have exotic blade shapes ranging from the large moustache shaped axe blades to more elaborate multiple pronged spiked blades. This is the only blade of this shape we have seen, the heavy steel blade is very thick and strong and features a large thickened down-curving spike to the front, and reinforcing ribs across the centre of the blade. The base of the blade has a unusual disc feature, the shaped haft section is surmounted by a disc of steel with a well made steel spike to the very top of the axe shaft. The shaft itself is of strong cane or wood lacquered completely in red. This rare war pick or axe is in very good condition, the iron blade is uncleaned and displays an attractive black patina. Somewhat futuristic in appearance, this weapon would have been rather formidable in combat and a rare piece for the collector of Indo-Persian weaponry. Circa 1850 or earlier.