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Bullova Axe from Chota Nagpur Orissa or Eastern India

A good  Kond War Axe from Eastern India - Orissa. Often known as a Bullova Axe from the Chota Nagpur plateau. This weapon is a very nice example of a tribal Tabar or war-axe, fully complete and in good condition. The large steel blade is moustache-shaped with long protruding ends to the blade, the reverse of the head features a protruding flange. The long wooden shaft is typical for these axes and would have enabled it to be used or swung two-handedly. The upper section of the shaft bound tightly with brass or copper wire, with brass decorated mounts to the bottom, centre, and top of the axe. The very top still retains its original steel spike, often lost, and presumably just another way in which this weapon would have been used offensively. A wonderful solid antique axe, dating to the early - mid 19th century.   indo persian,