Beautiful Patterned Mail shirt Ganga Jamni with original velvet collar hazar masha

A very fine complete Indo-Persian Mail shirt armour circa 1800. Made from thousands of tiny brass rings, arranged in patterns of steel, brass and copper, this kind of armour shirt was worn throughout North India, Punjab, Afghanistan, Iran usually under a primary armour of plates 'Char Aina' and en suite with a Top or Khula Khud with matching camail skirt. The colouring of the mail with the gold lozenge representing the brown waters of the Ganges river, the steel the grey blue of the Jamnu hence the term ganga-jamni for this form of colour combination in oriental armour. This example also has small copper decoration in the centre of each panel. This fine example retains its original silk velvet collar decorated with small gold headed pins known as 'hazar masha' technique. Also retaining its iron buckles along its front opening with loops for closure. A stunning rare example in magnificent condition, some minor holes in areas.