antique South Indian Bichwa Dagger

South Indian Bichwa Dagger

An interesting dagger 'Bichwa' from Southern India. Known as a 'scorpion sting' dagger for the recurved shape of its blade and presumably its lethalness, these forms of dagger were used primarily by assassins, and for concealed close fighting, the looped grip fitting into the palm of the hand and the guard over the finger could be used to parry and to punch. This example is typically South indian in being of brass, finely shaped and chiselled with a flower bud to the top, pierced edges. Very strong Steel blade with double edges, and a massivly thickened tip for punching through clothers and armour. Complete with its hide covered sheath with a fine pierced metal chape, one edge somewhat split. 18th or 19th century.Indo-Persian

Ref: 1034