Antique Samoan Nifo Oti Weapon

Antique Samoan Nifo Oti Chopper or Axe type Weapon

A rare Nifo Oti chopper from Samoa. These weapons seem unique to Samoa, their origin was the whalers 'blubber' tool copied or adapted . Wooden variations of this were used by the Samoans in warfare often with large 'teeth' carved along the cutting edge, the steel versions seemed to have been more highly prized and were lauded as devastating and fiercesome weapons, notably in the wars against the Tongans. The hook would have been used to drag or catch opponents, or their heads... The blade on this example is especially well-made with a visible forged lamellar pattern. The handle is of solid wood bound with coconut fibre twine, and a brass ferrule. The weapon transformed in later years into a traditional piece used for dancing and display, this early example is a prime example of the genuine article. Both early wooden versions with the hook and a steel example can be seen in the Pitt-Rivers Museum Oxford. Above are two images of Samoan chiefs holding their Nifo Oti. This piece comes from a private UK collection which was mainly assembled in the early '60's. 90cms long. It comes in a fitted box which was custom made for the piece.  Pacific Regions