Antique Hausa Tuareg Takouba sword

Antique Hausa 'Tuareg' Takouba sword

 A nice antique 19th century  sword from Islamic North Africa, probably of the Hausa tribe, Nigeria. The style of this sword, known to collectors as the 'takouba' was used by various tribes allover Saharan, and Sub-Saharan North Africa and is primarily known as the sword of the Tuareg, prominent due to their warlike nature and energetic trade in slaves and other commodities, which saw them clashing with surrounding tribes and colonialists alike. This example is mounted with engraved brass, the hilt of typical cruciform shape having a rounded steel pommel, cylindrical brass grip, steel and brass engraved flattened crossguard.  The star motif is almost always found on the arms of the crossguard. The upper scabbard mount of finely engraved brass the lower section pierced through, embossed decorated leather scabbard and a long brass chape. Some wear overall, the leather below the locket and chape mount has been reaffixed. A very attractive sword from Mali/Nigeria .