Antique Guns

A small selection of items sold by Ashoka Arts over the years. This part of the sold weapons archive deals with firearms, including antique longarms, oriental flintlocks, miquelets, snaphaunce muskets, rifles, small arms and pistols from flintlock to percussion cap. The guns on this page are all non-working 'black-powder' antiques, they are sold as as antique collector's items/curios only, under section 58 ii of the British 1968 Firearms Amendment Act. At the time many of the weapons on this site were being made and used, from the 16th-early 20th century, the use of gunpowder and firearms was at the cutting edge of warfare and technology in many oriental and tribal cultures and their importance is often overlooked. We are constantly updating the archive with images of the extensive group of items sold by Ashoka Arts going back nearly 20 years.

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