A rare Italian or Swiss spiked hammer Brandestoc circa 1600

An interesting weapon circa 1600 Brandestoc - Swiss or North Italian origin. The brandestoc came in several forms, shown here as a long steel cane with a hammer to one side of the head and a sharp hook or spike to the reverse. The top of the head shows a small hinged lid which when the weapon is jerked hard opens to reveal a long sword blade which slides out and locks in place to form a formidable spear or polearm. The blade is released by depressing a rectangular button or catch which shows at the reverse of the top grip.  Although of fairly simple, even crude construction this weapon is fairly rare, used by Officers, gentlemen, and militia. The hollow shaft is formed of steel, with an open seam along one side, banded with steel and copper rings. Although still fully functioning, the mechanism is a little sticky and should be utilised with caution.