A large 19th century Tongan war club carved with glyphs

An attractive large War club from Tonga 'Moungalaulau'. A Large example with its entire surface carved with repeating panels and rows of incised geometric design. Located at the interface of the blade and shaft the club has two transverse raised bands decorated with zigzag motifs. Hidden amongst the carving to the shaft sit a number of small glyphs one of which is recognisably of human form.The base of the shaft flares out where it still retains its rounded suspension lug. One side of the head has suffered some loss, old damage probably from combat, another old patinated chip to the flared bade near the lug. The centre of the head has an old infill of resin or wax, an original feature to fill a natural cavity in the wood. Dating to the 19th century.  pacific islands, oceania, micronesia