16th century Morgernstern Mace flail from Germany

A rare German PoleArm known as a Morgenstern 'morning star' or 'Holy Water Sprinkler'.This kind of war flail originated as a peasant weapon and was particularly popular in Germany and central Europe. Typically a long wooden shaft, with cylindrical head and arrangements of iron spikes. These weapons were frequently found in German armouries, and large fortified houses, and used by local standing militias and guards. A fine example believed to have been made for Henry VIII combining a gun mechanism with the spiked head is in the Royal Armouries collection in Leeds. This example comes from a private collection, the head is stamped with lettering, the spikes stron and four-sided. In good stable condition, old woodworm to surface not active. Length approximately 185 cms.  Dating to the 16th century.

Ref: ALS